Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Pics of the girl

look at all this dark brown hair, what the??

The Girls

With my Big Bros

Just after my weigh in

Baby Girl

Little baby girl

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Tag..

From the lovely Rozzie

1. Ten years ago..........I was still at school (OMG) still finshing off year 12 and working at Maccas
2. 5 things on my to do list* Scrap a few LOs*Clean Up Backyard*Go pay for the windows for our house*Work out what colour to paint outside ??*Organise Dinner?? still not sure about that, might be Pizza;)
3.Snacks I (sounds good Rozzie), Chocolate, Cookies, rice cakes
4. If I were a millionare....i would employ the most experienced person/s avaliable to make my little man well again, the rest id give away..
5. Places I have lived.....Do we have all week??... Greystanes (in Sydney), Gorokan, Kanwal, Toukley, The Entrance, Morriset, Yarrawonga Park, Bonnels Bay, Tamworth, Attunga, Toukley again, Crabbes Creek, Mardi, Tuggerah, Norah Head, Noraville, Long Jetty, Pottsville Beach, Cabarita Beach, Tweed Heads, Cabarita Beach and we're moving to Pottsville Beach again at the end of the year..

now ill tag Mardi, just cause shes beautiful :)

Til next time..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Phew time to breath again...

Pics and Los to share in the next post, warning very long blah blah blah post, so if you want a coffee id get it first lol

Well for the past few months weve been very busy, doing there whole Drs thing to try and discover what is wrong with our little man, its been tests tests and more tests, without positive or reassuring results.

Weve been given the run around by several Drs, and now 10 weeks later are no closer to an answer than before, which really sucks.

First we went to see the Paedatrician after many months of me telling the Drs its not right my son cant talk, they all told me hed get better, how old is he theyd say, almost three my reply, ah hes fine no probs many children dont talk til they are three or older, or my favourite his brother talks for him ?? what the Jacks got less idea what he wants then us are they for real??
So we get to the Paedarician, after weeks of fighting with their secretary about needing to see someone ASAP we finally get an appointment with the Paedatrician, who sends us for numerous tests, bloods, urine, etc, and tells me to go for this EEG scan, (brain scan) just to cross it off his list. A couple of days go by and i finally book him in for EEG scan only to have to wait for two weeks to get it done. Scan completed we fast forward to next day at Gps surgery where Heidi is getting her shots, Gp tells me all bloods have come back fine, not sure what to do now, youll have to wait to see Pasedatrician again. That night we are eating dinner and get a phone call from the Paedatricians office, we need you to bring blake in tomorrow, to start treatment, ive been discussing the results with the head of Neurology (wait hold up the head of neurology, WTF??) and weve decided that Blake needs to start treatment for this rare type of Epilepsy (Landau Kleffner Syndrome) that is making his Brain fit, he will need to be hospitalized for at least three days, well see how he goes.. see you Friday morning at 6 (huh?? all still very overwhelmed i got off the phone and tried to explain to Paul)

So for the next eleven hours i researched the internet for answers to the mystery illness that was apparently the cause for my sons problem, the first few minutes were mind numbing, im not sure but when you are affected greatly by something your body just goes into shock, i couldnt fathom what i was reading , my son, our little boy is never going to talk, he will eventually loose all understanding of our language, these children are affected for the rest of their lives although in most cases the Epileptic seizures cease at about 15, and the scariest part, there have only been about 250 reported cases since 1957 when it was discovered, how are you going to fix him when you dont know how??

So we get to the hospital and the Drs really has no answers other than well see how this goes, WTF?? Head is spinning, see how what goes??
so we go through the traumatic experience of getting the IV line in which was a mission that involved 7 people, just to hold him down and one to put it in, he starts treatment and we stay at the hospital for the weekend, none knows anything and people are asking me what is wrong with him?? what you people are the Drs here not me, finally comes Monday and we see another Paedatrician, who it the head of Paedatrics, here on the Gold Coast, im thinking great finally somebody who will give me some answers.

Hi Dr just wondering if youve got any other information on this Landau Kleffner Syndrome?? hoping you could help me understand what is happening??
Dr replys in very polite voice, um im not really sure ma'am for all we know (flicks through files) Blake could have Blake Corliss syndrome, my heart just sank to the floor , what?? arent you going to help him, oh yes ma'am well do all we can for him, just the reaction differs from patient to patient and so we just have to treat it as it comes.

FAST FORWARD a few weeks and we get to see the Head of Paediatric Neurology at Brissy hes a lovely Dr who seems very keen to understand this syndrome and has been on several telephone conferences with Drs in Seattle and somewhere in Norway where they seem to be taking kids for USA and Europe to they have conflicting reports and feel blake should go for more tests including and MRI to assess if it is LKS or some other type of problem, (which they havent specified, but ive read the symptoms of this syndrome can also be caused by a brain tumor or lesions on the brain
Yesterday we have been for the test MRI Scan and also on Monday we went for a repeat EEG scan to see if medication is having any affect, hopefully we will have some answers by next week although we dont see the Neurologist again until the 7th

so there has been my last few months, weeks, in a whirlwind of caious and confussion, and we are still no closer to an answer than before, still in limbo waiting for the next lot of tresults to come in and tell us an new story, hopefully this ones better thats all i can pray for right now is a better ending for our little man, no matter how many times you think it cant get any worse it just dose and seems to come and knock you flat on your arse again... im sick of that feeling, flat on my arse, not way out..

til next time with the LOs and opics to share

Friday, March 28, 2008


i guess thats how my blog feels, but after running around after three crazy little people all day i just dont seem to find the time or energy to update it, hopefully this wuill all change and we can get some regular updates, on here, well ill try lol

LO of Heidi, really all ive done all year, um mah isnt that naughty, still been buying stuff though, hopefully ill get to use it soonish..

little princess is gone to CK
sorry for the dodgy scan, limited hands and time here atm..
Oh and lucky that silly Easter bunny finally come as he brought mummy a new camera, (Canon 400D, which she is very impressed with i might add,) now ive just got to learn how to use the darn thing, ive been trying and getting some thibngs sorted on it, although the manuial that comes with it isnt the most informative little object, ive learnt more from the 12 week photography course (that they are just finishing up this week) at two peas, its been really great for the begin from the begining again type novice like me , although im sure everyone could learn something new from this course, it is very good. Will be looking at a TAFE course for photography in the new semester at the local TAFE, hopefully i can go at night when Paul comes home from work.
In other news, we put our plans into council about two or three weeks ago and they rang yesterday for another bit of paper work, (im telling you they could have regenerated another forest with the amount of paperwork we had to take in, forms for everything from a driveway, approval, to sewrage and stormwater applications, and an environmentle study of the surrounding area to see how it will be affected by our property, i ment its a residential area, so what kind of impacvt do they expect it to have, anotherr house in the street ??/lol)
but this other [paperwork they needed means that we will be able to start building soon, yay cant wait can you tell im excited, well i am, have been waiting for this moment for so long, everything just seems to keep going wrong but now, nothing can stop us, and hopefully well be in by about Sept, touch wood the weather holds off for the rest of the year lol, but at le3ast by christmas, YAY!!! doing a little happy dance around here.
Been involved in a card swap with Kristina Contes, (love her stuff, just cant seem to pull it off myself , thoughive got an orginal piece of Art right from her studio, and that makes me happy:) just got to get off my butt and make hers now, and send it all the way over there, will post a pic when i photograph it later.
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend
Til next time...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Go Visit Karen...

"Purple Monkey Dishwasher"

Happy New Year....

Well sort of just a bit late as per usual, these days, everything seems to be running a little behind the 8 ball and i just hope that as soon as the boys go back to school next week, ill be able to slowing but surely dig my way through my list of things to do and get something achieved.

Well, weve had an exciting holidays and are now the official owners of one regular sized block of land that in the coming months will slowly transform into our new house, cant wait til all the work starts... YAY the "biggest diggers" quote by Jack, will be on the scene and doing their stuff by next weekend.

Over the holidays we went for some photos with the extreemly talented Ali who will have our photos and oh oh this lovely big/hugh canvas, from our pics at the beach just before Heidi was born, cant wait to get these. Told Paul hell have to hurry up and build our house so i can put them up somewhere LOL

Ive also managed to scrap a few LOs this week, hopefully this is another thing ill have more time for when the boys are back at school.The first one ive been stumped on for weeks and am glad i got it done, typical Blake personality, determined to do everything Jack does even if theres a chance he'll kill himself or cause a major injury in the process... boys typical boys.


Its A Girl

4 Weeks
well im off to get the kids ready and feed the baby and get showered and get dressed and get ythe point ive not been a slack blogger ive just been too busy...
Hope everyone has an awesome Australia Day and doesnt get to burnt..
Til next time..

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oh My She Blogs Again

ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well im sure most who read this already know its a baby Girl we welcomed into our family on the 1st Novenber 2007 at 2:08 pm weighing in at 6lb and a half an oz

Heidi is doing well and Jack absolutly adores her, Blake well thats another story hes not to keen on the whole baby thing is is taking his sweet time to come around too, LOL thats just Blake for you

Well heres a pic of the new little munchkin ..

Hopefully ill get some time next year to do a few LOs for her, ive only done two so far, will share them next time though

Hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Til next time..

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

{Thats Life Challenges

Well ive been slowly but surely working through these Thats Life Challenges from Nic Howards new book, they really are something different, everyone seems to be getting into the scrappin real life events instead of beautiful pics of their kids and i say go for it isnt this why we scrap to remember the little things life is all about the details, little things that get forgotten and lost in the husstle and bustle of daily living, i just hope i can keep up with it, so i stay motivated.

I cant wait to get the book and have a good read through, it seems like something you could do every year or once a month, i bet you could even make a little book on each topic if you had the time.
Lesson 1. Record a Daily Diary - but instead of recording the actual events, record the conversations, funny things that were said and the things that made you smile or laugh during the day.
Jack has just started to tell us that he loves us as big as the whole world, (from me telling him i love him more than anything in the whole world,) and Blakey too, i hope he always feels this way.

Lesson 2. Things I would Miss - meaning take a look at the routines that make up your life, the constants that you don't realise you will miss until somthing changes or it's no longer done.

I already miss this :O( nap time, i took this pic in February this year and its the last time Jack and Blake have had a nap together, (im sure its the last day nap Jack has had) im lucky to get just Blake down for a little rest now, they just wanna go go go...
A bit of a dodgy scan on this one oh well

Lesson 3. Daily Frustrations - you know the things that drives you nuts, things that annoy you and make life difficult at the moment, these things might only be temporary (teenager habits and lack of help/sticking to house rules etc.)
I am still yet to complete this final frustrations challenge as i have so many of them narrowing it down to just one is becoming somewhat of a problem, see this is where the little book idea comes from i could write a new book everyday LOL
Oh and if anybody has any great suggestions for a baby name im all ears, only three weeks to go and still no certain name for our little one, i cant decide on anything ive got some names i dont mind but nothing really that i just love, oh well im sure it will come.

37 down 3 to go
Til next time...

Monday, September 24, 2007

{ Just a Layout or Two

Just a quick couple of LOs to share, the first is of my beautiful little men just sleeping where they drop quiet common after a day running around at the beach wearing themselves out. Loved using all these new Jenni Bowlin products i just ordered, they arrived in speedy time and she will ship straight to you from her studio and the prices are really awesome, not too much for postage either, gotta love that CHEAP postage.

And this second one is a LO of Blakes first Birthday, we had a little BBQ in the park although hes almost two and a half now, i really need to pull my finger out and get these LOs done berfore the kid turns three already LOL well ill get there eventually i guess...
In other exciting news we had a photoshoot with the most gorgeous Ali who is the bestest photographer out there if you live near the Brisbane area or are up this way on holidays do yourself and your family a favour and organise for her to come and do you a photoshoot too, it will be guaranteed to be one of the funniest days youve had in a long time if you are willing to play nice and get dirty you wont be dissapointed im sure, cant wait to share some of the pics from the day just waiting on the editing process which i know can take weeks to do, (through playing with my own photos) but i have had some previews and am just amazed by the quality of these pics, cant wait to share...
Off to start my Challenges from Nic Howards Thats Life Book and hopefully have some more Los to share later this week
Til next time ...